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Leysen searches out the very best talent – interns, contract consultants and the long term hires that thriving companies need to be recruited to support their own business’s transformation objectives.

Change Agents

What we are asking you to do is either ‘change agent’, or better still, add us into your talent acquisition supply chain with your existing agents and in-house resource.


You could enjoy the bright, fresh, happy approach that we always bring to our work, supported by a professional backdrop of honesty, hard work and deep expertise in what we do.


We are utterly modern in our approach, and never forget that we are who we are because of our ‘find-and -close the best’ reputation that is deeply sourced from within our DNA.

IR35 Strategic review

We have extensive experience over multiple clients where we have assessed and analysed and provided a strategic review and supplementary direction. 

This consultancy takes the form of usually a 2 day health check where we assess and advise on your IR35 process using impact analysis with full recommendations.  We can also implement and support through the agreed proposal.


With the forthcoming return of the IR35 challenges to the interim and contract markets, Leysen will also provide further independent advice, deeper specialist consulting and action plans on the subject. It starts the service with a free 2 day ‘health check’.

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