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IR35 Consultancy

IR35 Reforms have been delayed for 12 months, however it is clear that the Government view this as a temporary delay - all businesses which engage Off Payroll Workers (“OPW’s”) now need to be compliant with the Reforms by the 6th April 2021.


Many organisations had previously left it late to take the necessary decisions and actions in order to become compliant, while others led with a heavy handed, blanket policy approach which was highly contestable, and led to an unhappy workforce, and left some critical projects hanging by a proverbial thread through unbalanced resource availability.


Over the course of 2019/20 Leysen has already worked with a breadth of organisations to support their efforts in:


  • Identifying which OPW’s are ‘in scope’ of IR35, and may require a Status Determination Statement (“SDS”). (Many larger organisations were unaware of the exact number of OPW’s in their organisation, (particularly if they were engaging multiple 3rd party suppliers)

  • Deciding their approach to IR35 compliance, such as  a group-wide policy ban on OPW’s working through a Personal Services Company, or to conduct individual assessments for each OPW. Should OPW’s only work through an Umbrella company, or via a third-party PAYE?

  • Conducting Assessments for each OPW’s using various proprietary tools available in the market.

  • Creating and managing effective Communication plans for all OPW’s to receive their SDS, and agree next steps,


The changes to IR35, and the extra time companies have now been given to prepare, could be viewed as an extra opportunity to create positive changes to their current and future workforce operating model. Leysen, as a supplier of creative and practical solutions across the entire talent piece can offer objective and practical solutions right now.


Best, we can do it from an objective and detached viewpoint into those companies where we do not already have an OPW consulting relationship. This can start with a FREE 2-day ‘health check’.

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